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Logistics Solutions for Any Business

Effective logistics solutions can help a company to:

Gain Market Share
Increase Revenue
Minimize Inventory
Control Costs
Clear Customs on time

Effective Logistics Solutions

Most companies compete in highly competitive global marketplaces on the strength of their supply chains, making supply chain visibility and efficient logistics crucial to their success. Constant changes to import and export regulations, complex documentation requirements and lack of visibility about goods in transit inhibit a company’s ability to compete effectively by increasing costs and impeding inventory velocity and movement.

Peter Wittwer is well-known for providing effective logistics solutions customized for each customer’s needs. We have a global presence despite our small size, and that combination enables us to be flexible and adaptable in the services we provide. We don’t force our customers to purchase bundled or unnecessary services; we custom design our offerings to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Experience the Peter Wittwer dedication to excellence in logistics and superior customer service and you will become a Peter Wittwer customer for life.

Supply Chain Visibility & Shipment Information

Regardless of whether you sell globally, regionally or nationally, it’s imperative to know where your goods are all the time. Supply chain visibility is crucial to any company’s success, and that’s why Peter Wittwer keeps you informed throughout the entire logistics process by providing instant access to information about your shipments. Our online logistics tracking system, TransPort Explorer, provides port-to-port, and door‑to‑door information about your shipment, any time, on any device, no matter where you are.

Peace of Mind

Our online Transport Explorer system provides peace of mind because you’ll always know where your goods are. TransPort Explorer is a web based shipment management and tracking solution available in multiple languages. It provides complete shipment visibility and immediate reporting. You can monitor your shipment’s progress through the entire logistics process.

Stay informed with our new improved Transport Explorer tracking system.

New & Improved Transport Explorer tracking system.

To ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction and a better user experience, we recently updated our exclusive Transport Explorer tracking system to make it even more helpful and easy to use. We completely rebuilt it from the ground up, added a new graphical user interface and added even more features to allow agents and clients to track their shipments faster and more intuitively.

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