Customs Brokerage

Time is money, let our certified customs brokerage house safeguard your goods.

PPeter Wittwer is a Certfied Customs House Broker and NVOCC. We understand that time is money, and having your freight waiting at customs is not only annoying, but it causes you to lose money and could even cost you exporting privileges. Peter Wittwer can prepare all of the documents, and/or electronic submissions necessary for your shipment through our licensed and certified customs brokerage house.

Knowing the requirements of each type of import can avoid costly delays or seizure of merchandise, and is what makes our people “heads above the rest.” Customs clearance begins while your shipment is still in transit. We clear goods in any major port and arrange delivery to warehouses and stores while you concentrate on sales. Through our on-line system, TransPort Explorer, you can monitor the whole process and stay on top of each milestone so that you know when it has passed.

We clear every shipment with expertise and personal attention to detail so we can provide a streamlined process that expedites the movement of your goods through customs, and on to its final destination. The knowledgeable staff in our customs brokerage department is dedicated to monitoring and adhering to the latest import and export compliance laws and regulations to safeguard your goods and make sure they get through.